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Service Request

Pay Your Bill Online

Carmel Utilities offers a convenient way to pay your utility bill online and obtain three months of account history. All that is needed is your account number and pin. Please note, if you have not used this service, the pin is preset to the word “guest”. You may change this pin on your first log-in. No financial information is retained on this site.  Click here to pay your bill online.

Begin New Service / Final Existing Service

Carmel Utilities offers an online method to request new service and final existing service. Please click on the link for the appropriate request, and complete the form. Note that the request form will not submit until all fields are completed. You will receive a follow up phone call from a Carmel Utilities representative confirming the request.  Please click here to request new service.  Please note that execution of a new or final service request will only occur Monday through Friday during regular business hours.  Please click here to request final of existing service.

Temporary Service Suspension (Winter Off)

Carmel Utilities offers a temporary suspension of your utility account for customers who are away from their residence for extended periods of time. On the requested day of turn off, a utility representative will disconnect water service in the meter pit. During this time, you will not receive a bill for service. Requests to restore service must be made 24 hours prior to your desired turn on date. This is not a same day service.

Please be advised, this service is available Monday through Friday only. Carmel Utility personnel do not enter the residence or winterize the home.  Please click here to request your services be shut off this winter.  Please click here to request your service restoration.

Bank Draft

Carmel Utilities offers a no effort way to pay your utility bill. Bank draft deducts what is owed on your utility bill directly from a checking account. Funds are deducted on the due date and applied to your utility account with no check writing, stamps or account log-in. The customer on bank draft will continue to receive a utility bill advising him or her of the amount to be drafted. To begin bank draft, complete the bank draft form and attach a voided check. Bank draft will begin approximately 4 weeks after the utility receives the completed form and voided check. Once draft has begun, “Bank Draft” will appear in the amount due box on the bill form.  Please click here for a copy of the bank draft form.

Landlord Services

Carmel Utilities offers a service to a landlord which provides a no hassle way for utility service to begin again in the landlord’s name after a tenant has moved out. With the completion of the Landlord Agreement form, a new account will automatically be established in the landlord’s name, after the tenant moves out, provided the tenant contacts the utility to discontinue service. The $20.00 new account fee is waived for a landlord with an agreement. Under the agreement, the landlord will also receive copies of tenant disconnect notices. This notification will give the landlord important account status information, and may aid in the prevention sewer lien filings by the utility.  Please click here for a copy of your landlord agreement form.

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