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New Service Fee $20.00
Disconnect Fee $88.05
After Hours Turn on Fee $180.00
Check with Insufficient Funds Fee $33.00
Meter Re-read Fee $11.66
Meter Installation Fees
5/8 inch meter $99.72
1 inch meter $99.72
1.5 inch meter $111.39
2 inch meter $129.42
Meters larger than 2 inches shall be charged: Actual time and materials incurred, but not less than $136.85
Irrigation Fees
Irrigation Permit $375.95
Subsequent Trip Inspection Fee $94.76
Hydrant Meter Fees
Deposit Fee through 1 inch $75.00
Deposit Fee over 1 inch $200.00
Daily Fee through 1 inch $15.91 + tax & water at scheduled rate
Daily Fee over 1 inch $27.58 + tax & water at scheduled rate
A violation of this section shall be subject to a fine not less than $100.00 per violation

Water Main Tap
Inspection Fee $120.94
Subsequent Trip Inspection Fee $77.44
When Carmel Utilities is requested to tap a main, the tap installation fee shall be $429.66 for each tap up to 2 inches plus cost of material.

Meter Pit Inspection
Subsequent Trip Inspection Fee $66.83
Meter Pit Violation Fee $103.00

Development Review
Single Customer Fee $175.04
Multi Customer Fee $350.09

Availability & Connection
Availability and connection fees may vary by location. Please contact Lisa Kempa at 317.571.2267 for more information.
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